Smooth Cranberry Sauce

Smooth Cranberry Sauce

A great alternative to our Wholeberry sauce, we've removed the whole berries to create a sauce with a smoother feel. Our cranberry sauce adds a unique zing in sandwiches or as a taste bud tickler with chicken, ham and pork, whether they are hot or cold. But don't stop there! This surprisingly verstaile ingredient can be used in so many different dishes. Take a look at our recipe page to get inspired!

Available Sizes
  • 250g 250g

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Our recipes

Our recipes

Treat yourself with Ocean Spray®! Lots of recipes to make cranberries the ingredient that gives a special touch to your meals and drinks!

About us

About us

Ocean Spray is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry and grapefruit farmers in the United States, Canada and Chile.

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Typical Nutritional Information*
per 100ml per 15ml
Energy 637 kJ 96 kJ
Total Fat 0g 0g
of which satured fat 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 37g 6g
  of which total sugar 33g 5g
Protein 0g 0g
Total Sodium  0g 0g
INGREDIENTS: Cranberry Puree (45%), Sugar, Water.
Colourant and Preservative free.
*Nutritional information for the product as packed